RSM William Gerald Tobin

RSM Tobin briefly served with the Victoria Rifles of Canada, and then later joined Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) on September 18, 1940. He was selected to be amongst the very first group of 27 Canadian Paratroopers to be trained at Fort Benning, Georgia, U.S.A. He completed his Parachute Course on September 11, 1942 and was a pioneer of the newly formed 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. 

He was promoted to Acting Company Sergeant Major (A/CSM) on May 26, 1943 and assigned to A-35 Canadian Parachute Training Centre (CPTC), Shilo Manitoba. Tobin was promoted once again on December 1, 1943 becoming the Regimental Sergeant Major of A-35 CPTC.

After the war, Tobin remained in the military serving with several Regiments throughout his career. Shortly before retiring in 1959, he served with the Royal Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (RCEME) School.


RSM Tobin ensured he was always a shining example of good dress and deportment. He would polish his cap badge so often, it started to lose its definition.