Private Leo Royal Lohn

Pte. Lohn was born October 14, 1925 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and his family later moved to Toronto, Ontario where he attended high school at Parkdale Collegiate. He was originally a member of the Merchant Marine in St. Johns during the war, but it wasn’t long before he had his sights set on becoming a Paratrooper. At 5’9 and 142 lbs, he was physically fit and eager to take on new challenges, so he requested a transfer to the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion.

Lohn completed his Parachute Course at Shilo Manitoba on June 17, 1944. That was a very proud day for him. He embarked for the UK on November 29, 1944 and became part of the Battalion reinforcements. He served with C Company during Operation Varsity and saw action in Germany and the Ardennes.

Between the Parachute School, training exercises and combat in Germany, he had completed a total of 14 parachute descents. Lohn retired from the Army on June 20, 1946.


Sten MkV

Pte Lohn would have carried a Sten submachine gun overseas, similar to this one shown below. The Sten can be found in several models, the one pictured here is a Sten MKV, produced for the Paratroopers. It was an inexpensive firearm to produce, costing less than $10.00 per unit. It chambered a 9mm cartridge with a firing rate 550 rounds per minute and an effective range of 100 yards. Also shown is a magazine pouch or bandolier that allowed a soldier to carry an additional 30 round magazines. Courtesy of Collectors Source.