Private Victor Rueben Brownjohn

Pte Brownjohn was born April 9, 1924 in Barry, Wales. His family immigrated to Canada arriving in Quebec aboard the Montcalm on November 19, 1925 and continued on to Vancouver, British Columbia where they made their home. Brownjohn enlisted in the Army on April 5, 1943 and was posted to the Seaforth Highlanders on September 10, 1943. He volunteered to for the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion shortly thereafter. Brownjohn completed his Parachute Course at Shilo, Manitoba on December 4, 1943 and was an extremely proud Paratrooper. 

He embarked overseas to England on April 11, 1944 and later taken on strength with the Training Company. He later parachuted into Germany during Operation Varsity, serving with A Coy in Germany, Belgium and Holland.

As the war came to a close, he met a lovely girl named Constance (Connie) Williams. They fell in love and married on July 14, 1945. They created a beautiful family of two boys and two girls. They remained happily married for 61 years until his passing.

Brownjohn 1

Private Brownjohn wore this smock while overseas. If you notice, there is no jump wing on the smock, he never wore one.

Brownjohn 2
Brownjohn 4
Brownjohn 3
Jump Boots 1

Private Brownjohn's U.S. jump boots.

Jump Boots 2

Private Brownjohn's U.S. jump boots.

Jump Boots 3

Private Brownjohn's U.S. jump boots.

Brownjohn 5

Badges off Private Brownjohn's unform he wore overseas.

Brownjohn 10

Private Brownjohn demonstrating his Bren Gun technique.

Brownjohn   Niagara On The Lake

Private Brownjohn at Niagara on the Lake in Canada.

Brownjohn   Drop Zone A Rhine Drop

Picture taken by Private Brownjohn of the drop zone.

Brownjohn 6

Private Brownjohn captured some souvenirs during his time in Germany.

Brownjohn 8

This is a picture of Private Brownjohn after the Rhine drop standing on the drop zone.

Brownjohn 7

Private Brownjohn relaxing.

Brownjohn   Trg Tower

Paratrooper descending from the 250ft high tower.

Brownjohn 9
Brownjohn 11

1st Canadian Parachute Battalion


Bren Light Machine gun

This is a Bren Light Machine Gun, Pte Brownjohn would have used one similar to this one while serving overseas. There is a picture of Pte Brownjohn posing with a Bren. The Bren weighed 25 lbs with a rate of fire at 500 rounds per minute, the effective range of 600 yards. Read more about the Bren in the equipment section of this website.