Private Loyst Kelly

Kelly enlisted on May 11, 1943, in London, Ontario and taken on strength at 1 District Depot, transferring to #12 B.T.C Chatham, Ontario. Kelly donated blood before making another transfer to No. 10DD (AF) Winnipeg Manitoba. It wasn’t long before Kelly had his sights set on becoming a Paratrooper and requested a transfer. He transferred to Para wing from No. 12 Canadian Army Basic Training Centre (C.A.B.T.C.) Chatham, Ontario on August 6, 1943. On September 23, 1943, Kelly completed his parachute training to become a Paratrooper. This was a major accomplishment and a very proud day for Kelly. He went on to complete his Driver’s Course on December 13, 1943. 

Kelly was eager to see combat and took the first opportunity to get him closer to his goal, he embarked overseas on February 16, 1944, and reported for duty 1 Canadian General Reinforcement Unit (C.G.R.U.) To Kelly’s disappointment, he wasn’t given the opportunity to see combat, however, he still contributed to the war effort. The Battalion had other plans for Kelly, he was a shining example of a Paratrooper and therefore became part of the Training Company. At the end of the war, Kelly returned to Canada, a young beauty named Hazel caught the attention of Kelly. He married Miss Hazel Lillian Nicholson in Ingersoll Ontario on May 3, 1948, and they began their life together. The couple had only been married a few months, when tragically on July 6, 1948, Kelly lost his left arm in a motor vehicle accident which ended his military career. Kelly returned to civilian life and lived out the remainder of his days. 

DSC 0554
Pte. L. Kelly on the left checking the reserve parachute of his friend Pte. C. Henson. Parachute Centre in Shilo, Manitoba. Courtesy of Canadian Army Photo.
DSC 0555
Pte. L. Kelly can be seen on the left, posing with his friend Pte. C. Henson. Parachute Centre in Shilo, Manitoba. Courtesy of Canadian Army Photo.
DSC 0556
The is Pte. Kelly's certificate he received for completing his Parachute Course at Shilo Manitoba on September 23, 1943.
DSC 0558
Pte. Kelly volunteered to go overseas, he got as far as England and was absorbed by the Training Company. Courtesy of the Kelly family.
DSC 0560
Another picture of Pte. Kelly's wings off his uniform.