Major Kenneth Arril, CD

Kenneth James Arril was born January 27, 1918 in Port Arthur, Ontario. He first enlisted with the Lake Superior Regiment in 1932, and was quickly promoted to L/Cpl. on May 7 of that same year.  A few years later on April 19, 1938, he was promoted to Sergeant. That same year he transferred to Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) in Winnipeg. Arril was promoted to Warrant Officer Class II (WO2) on July 26, 1941. He was then transferred to A27 Reconnaissance Training Centre in Dundurn, Saskatchewan where he qualified as Driver (Wheel & Track). Having potential for leadership, Arril was made Officer Cadet in 1942 and completed the requisite training to be commissioned. 

Arril was promoted to Captain in March 1943 and completed Demolitions Course No.5 in November.  By this time, he was eager to see action and his request to join 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion was accepted. He was 6’1, physically fit and a very competent officer with several years of military experience. He graduated from the Parachute Course at Shilo, Manitoba on October 28, 1943. On February 24, 1944 he embarked to the UK and was assigned to 1 Canadian General Reinforcement Unit.

Captain Arril was attached to B Company when he parachuted into Normandy on June 6, 1944 during operation Overlord. He was wounded in action three days later. He returned to the UK and on December 16 was transferred to the Canadian Parachute Training Company

Upon his return to Canada, Arril was posted to A-35 Canadian Parachute Training Centre at Camp Shilo. He volunteered for the Pacific Theatre on June 20, 1945, however the war came to a close before he could deploy. After the disbandment of 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion, he transferred back to PPCLI and on October 26, 1945 completed the Advanced Airborne Course at Fort Benning, Georgia. Arril served as an instructor at the Canadian Joint Air Training Centre in Rivers Manitoba until 1953. He was promoted to Major in February 1952.  He retired from the military on December 19, 1967, closing off a full and exciting career.

Below are personal items that belonged to Major Arril.

Arril 3
Major Arril's war time graduation certificate from the Parachute School.
Arril 6
K. Arril 5
Courtesy of Diane Arril.
DSC 0595
Arril 8
A nice studio portrait of Major Arril during the WWII.
DSC 0597
Arril 4
Major Arril's war time qualification certificate from the Parachute School.
K. Arril 7
Courtesy of Diane Arril.
K. Arril 9
A group photo of Major Arril with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Courtesy of Diane Arril.
War time dog tags and epaulettes from Major Arril.
DSC 0596
Arril 9
K. Arril 8
Courtesy of Diane Arril.
K. Arril 3
Courtesy of Diane Arril.
Arril 5
When Major Arril first received his Commission to become an officer.
K. Arril 4
Courtesy of Diane Arril.
DSC 0584
1950s wing off Major Arril’s uniform.
K. Arril 13
Courtesy of Diane Arril.
DSC 0592
War time dog tags and identification from Major Arril.
DSC 0586
War time Officer's cap badge belonging to Major Arril.
K. Arril 12
Major Arril put his war time wings on a plaque as a gift to his son. Courtesy of Diane Arril.
K. Arril 2
Courtesy of Diane Arril.
Arril 7
Major Arril's military identification.
K. Arril 6
Courtesy of Diane Arril.
DSC 0585
Early war shoulder flashes from Major Arril.

Sten MkV Submachine Gun

Major Arril can be seen holding a Sten MkV Submachine gun in a photograph above. You can read more about the Sten MkV SMG in the Equipment section of website.