Private Ralph R. Kerr

Pte. Kerr grew up in Montreal, Quebec and was fluent in both French and English. He enlisted in the Army on September 21, 1942 and completed basic training shortly thereafter. Kerr requested a transfer to the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion on February 1, 1943 and went on to complete his Parachute Course at Fort Benning, Georgia, U.S.A. on March 7, 1943. A few months later, he was sent to the UK to be taken on strength with the Battalion. On May 1, 1944 Kerr was assigned to the Canadian Parachute Training Company.

There was no shortage of work opportunities for a man with his training, and he was willing to serve wherever he was needed. He was taken on strength with 3 Canadian Pioneer Company, then moved to 1 Canadian Special Salvage Department and then on to the Canadian Ordnance Corps Training Centre before returning back to the Canadian Parachute Training Centre in Shilo, Manitoba.

During his travels, he met an attractive young lady named Jacqueline Bennet. On February 26, 1945 he requested permission to marry; permission was granted and they exchanged their vows on August 23, 1945.

Kerr was discharged on March 14, 1946 and returned to civilian life.

Tunic and beret that belonged to Private Kerr.
This tunic was Private Kerr's best dress.
Private Kerr added officer wings and slip-ons.
Close up of early embroidered badges.
Private Kerr wearing his best dress uniform.
Private Ralph Kerr and his wife Jacqueline.