Welcome to the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Virtual Museum. This site has been created to preserve the memory of the brave men who were the Airborne pioneers of Canada. My goal is to reach people from around the world so they can learn a little more about Canadian military history. You can view the site in 100 languages and visit as often as you like for FREE. This project is fully funded by the writer, therefore I am always in search of additional content to continue adding new exhibits and expanding existing ones with artifacts and information. A special Thank You, to the families who have provided additional information about their loved ones. 

There are many significant dates throughout the year that will appear on the main page annually, such as major Operations, members killed in action, Indigenous Heritage Month, Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, and many more, so please visit again to view them. Turn on your speakers when visiting the ‘IN MEMORY’ gallery and listen to the Last Post playing. You can also listen to the wartime classic, Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra while visiting the 'ROMANCE AND JEWELRY' gallery. If you feel confident with your knowledge about the Battalion, then take the fun quiz and see how you score. 

Imagine immigrating to another country in search of a new beginning with great opportunities only to be called upon to join the military to fight a war. Many of these fine men fulfilled such a request, they put their dreams and aspirations on hold and placed their lives on the line to serve under the flag of Canada, and many would never return home. If you have taken the time to read a soldier’s biography or visit a grave, then you have kept their memory alive. I hope you enjoy your visit and will take a moment to leave a comment and tell a friend.  


Coogan Wilson
The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry